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"Dislocation reactions, plastic anisotropy and forest strengthening in mgo at high temperature."
J. Amodeo, B. Devincre, P. Carrez, and P. Cordier.
Mechanics of Materials, 71(0):62–73, 4 2014.

"Size effect on the mechanical behaviour of polycrystalline copper microbeams."
S. Lefebvre, B. Devincre, P. Aubert, and T. Hoc.
Philosophical Magazine, pages 1–14, 2014/06/02 2014.

"Modelling crystal plasticity by 3d dislocation dynamics and the finite element method: The discrete-continuous model revisited."
A. Vattré, B. Devincre, F. Feyel, R. Gatti, S. Groh, O. Jamond, and A. Roos
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 63(0):491–505, 2 2014.

"Dislocation-dynamics based crystal plasticity law for the low- and high-temperature deformation regimes of bcc crystal."
G. Monnet, L. Vincent, and B. Devincre.
Acta Materialia, 61(16):6178–6190, 9 2013.

"Dislocation dynamics simulations of slip systems interactions and forest strengthening in ice single crystal."
B. Devincre.
Philosophical Magazine, 93(1-3):235–246, 2013.

"Misfit dislocation gettering by substrate pit-patterning in sige films on si(001)."
M. Grydlik, F. Boioli, H. Groiss, R. Gatti, M. Brehm, F. Montalenti, B. Devincre, F. Schaffler, and L. Miglio.
Applied Physics Letters, 101(1):013119–4, 07 2012.

"Orowan strengthening at low temperatures in bcc materials studied by dislocation dynamics simulations."
G. Monnet, S. Naamane, and B. Devincre.
Acta Materialia, 59(2):451–461, 1 2011.

"Orowan strengthening and forest hardening superposition examined by dislocation dynamics simulations."
S. Queyreau, G. Monnet, and B. Devincre.
Acta Materialia, 58(17):5586–5595, 10 2010.

"Low temperature deformation in iron studied with dislocation dynamics simulations"
S. Naamane, G. Monnet, and B. Devincre.
International Journal of Plasticity, 26(1):84–92, 1 2010.

"Orientation dependence of plastic deformation in nickel-based single crystal superalloys: Discrete-continuous model simulations"
Vattré, A., Devincre, B., and Roos, A.
Acta Materialia, 58(6):1938–1951, 4 2010.

"Dislocation dynamics simulations of precipitation hardening in ni-based superalloys with high gamma' volume fraction."
Vattré, A., Devincre, B., and Roos, A.
Intermetallics, 17, 988-994, 2009.

"Bauschinger effect in precipitation-strengthened materials: A dislocation dynamics investigation."
Queyreau, S., and Devincre, B.
Philosophical Magazine Letters 89, 7, 419–430, 2009.

"Grain size strengthening in microcrystalline copper: A three-dimensional dislocation dynamics simulation."
de Sansal, C., Devincre, B., and Kubin, L.
Key Ingineering Materials. Trans Tech Publications, pp. 25–32, 2010.

"Dislocation mean free paths and strain hardening of crystals."
Devincre, B., Hoc, T., and Kubin, L.
Science 320, 1745–1748, 2008.

"Modeling dislocation storage rates and mean free paths in face-centered cubic crystals."
Kubin, L., Devincre, B., and Hoc, T.
Acta Materialia 56, 20, 6040–6049, 2008.

"Collinear superjogs and the low-stress response of fcc crystals."
Devincre, B., Kubin, L., and Hoc, T.
Scripta Materialia 57, 10, 905–908, 2007.

"Yield stress strengthening in ultrafine-grained metals: A two-dimensional simulation of dislocation dynamics."
Lefebvre, S., Devincre, B., and Hoc, T.
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 55, 4, 788–802, 2007.

"Physical analyses of crystal plasticity by dd simulations."
Devincre, B., Kubin, L., and Hoc, T.
Scripta mat. 54, 741–746, 2006.

"Solute friction and forest interaction."
Monnet, G., and Devincre, B.
Philosophical Magazine 86, 11, 1555–1565, 2006.

"Dislocation patterns and the similitude principle: 2.5d mesoscale simulations."
Gomez-Garcia, D., Devincre, B., and Kubin, L.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 12, 125503, 2006.

"Dislocation study of prismatic slip systems and their interactions in hexagonal close packed metals: application to zirconium"
G. Monnet, B. Devincre, L.P. Kubin
Acta Mater., Vol 52, p. 4217, 2004.

"The role of collinear interaction in dislocation-induced hardening"
R. Madec, B. Devincre, L. Kubin, T. Hoc and D. Rodney
Science 301, 1879-1882, 2003.

"Discrete-Continuum Modeling of Metal Matrix Composites Plasticity"
S. Groh, B. Devincre, F. Feyel, L. Kubin, A. Roos and J.-L. Chaboche
in ''Mesoscopic Dynamics in Fracture Process and Strength of Materials'', Y Shibutani, H. Kitagawa, Eds (Kluwer, NL-Dordrecht), 2003.

"On the use of periodic boundary conditions in dislocation dynamics simulation"
R. Madec, B. Devincre and L. Kubin
''Mesoscopic Dynamics in Fracture Process and Strength of Materials'', Y Shibutani, H. Kitagawa, Eds (Kluwer, NL-Dordrecht), 2003.

"Dislocation Intersections and Reactions in FCC and BCC Crystals"
L.P. Kubin, R. Madec, B. Devincre
"Multiscale Phenomena in Materials-Experiments and Modeling Related to Mechanical Behavior", H. Zbib et al. (Eds.), Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 779, p. W1.6, 2003.

"Boundary problems in DD simulations"
B. Devincre, A. Roos and S. Groh
in "Thermodynamics, Microstructures and Plasticity", A. Finel et al., NATO SCIENCE SERIES: II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Vol. 108 p. 275, Eds (Kluwer, NL-Dordrecht) 2003.

"Dislocations and elastic anisotropy in heteroepitaxial metallic thin films"
S. Groh, B. Devincre, L. P. Kubin, A. Roos, F. Feyel and J.-L. Chaboche
Phil. Mag. Lett., Vol. 83, p. 303, 2003.

"From Dislocation Junctions to Forest Hardening"
R. Madec, B. Devincre, and L. P. Kubin
Phys. Rev. Lett., 89: 255508, 2002.

"Simulation of dislocation patterns in multislip"
R. Madec, B. Devincre et L.P. Kubin
Scripta Mater. 47, 689-695, 2002.

"On the nature of attractive dislocation crossed states"
R. Madec, B. Devincre and L.P. Kubin
Computational Materials Sciences, 23, pp. 219-224 (2002).

"Homogenization method for a discrete-continuum simulation of dislocation dynamics"
C. Lemarchand, B. Devincre and L.P. Kubin
J. Mech. Phys. of Solids, 49, pp 1969-1982, 2001.

"Mesoscopic simulations of plastic deformation"
B. Devincre, L. Kubin, C. Lemarchand and R. Madec
Mat. Sci. and Eng. A 309-310, pp 211-219, 2001.

"New line model for optimized dislocation dynamics simulations"
R. Madec, B. Devincre and L.P. Kubin
in "Multiscale Modeling of Materials-2000", L.Kubin et al. (Eds.), Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 653, 2001.

"Simulation of the plastic flow in Ni3 Al: work hardening and strain rate sensitivity"
B. Devincre, P. Veyssière and G. Saada
Phil Mag A, 79, pp. 1609-1627 1999.

"From dislocation mechanisms to dislocation microstructures and strain hardening"
L.P. Kubin and B. Devincre
in "Deformation-Induced microstructures: Analysis and Relation to Properties" (20th Risoe Symposium), J.B. Bilde Soerensen et al. (Eds.), Risoe natl. Lab., Roskilde, Denmark, pp. 61-83, 1999.

"Dislocation dynamics in confined geometry"
D. Gomez-Garcia, B. Devincre and L.P. Kubin
J. Comp. Aided Design of Mats., 6, pp. 157-164, 1999.

"Mesoscopic Modeling and Simulation of Plasticity in FCC and BCC crystals: Dislocations Intersections and Mobility
L.P. Kubin, B. Devincre and M. Tang
J. of Computer-Aided Materials Design, 5, 31-54, 1998.

"Dislocation junction and crystal plasticity : linking atomistic and mesoscale simulations"
V. Bulatov, F. Abraham, L. Kubin, B. Devincre and S. Yip
Nature, 391, p. 669, 12 Fevrier 1998.

"Three-dimensional simulation of dislocation-crack interactions in BCC metals at the mescopic scale"
B. Devincre and S.G. Roberts
Acta Mater., 44, 2891-2900, 1996.

"Model validation of a 3d simulation of dislocation dynamics: discretization and line tension effects."
B. Devincre and M. Condat.
Acta metall. mater., 40:2629–2637, 1992.

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