Les publications du laboratoire

The transformation of narrow dislocation dipoles in selected fcc metals and in [gamma]-TiAl.
H. Wang, D.S. Xu, R. Yang , and P. Veyssière
Acta Materialia 57, 3725-3737 (2009)

Point defect formation by dislocation reactions in TiAl
D.S. Xu, H. Wang, R. Yang , and P. Veyssière
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Slip systems interactions in alpha-iron determined by dislocation dynamics simulations
S. Queyreau, G. Monnet and B. Devincre,,
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Bauschinger effect in precipitation-strengthened materials : a dislocation dynamics investigation.
S. Queyreau and B. Devincre. 
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Dislocation dynamics simulations of precipitation hardening in Ni-based superalloys with high volume fraction
A. Vattré, B. Devincre, and A. Roos..
Intermetallics 17, 988 (2009)

Dynamic recovery and its orientation dependence in f.c.c. crystals.
L. P. Kubin, T. Hoc, and B. Devincre.
Acta Mater. 57, 2567 (2009)

The deformation stage II of face-centered cubic crystals : Fifty years of investigations.
L. Kubin, B. Devincre, and T. Hoc 
Int. J. Mater. Research (Z. Metallkde) 100, 1411 (2009)

Diffusion-driven superplasticity in ceramics: Modeling and comparison with available data
D. Gomez-Garcia, E. Zapatas-Solvas, A. Dominguez-Rodriguez and L. Kubin.
Phys. Rev. B 80, 214107 (2009). Sélectionné par l'APS pour: Virtual J. of Nanoscale Sci. & Technol., Dec. 21, (2009)

Atomic and dislocation dynamics simulations of plastic deformation in reactor pressure vessel steel
G. Monnet, C. Domain, S. Queyreau, S. Naamane, and B. Devincre, B,
J. Nucl. Mat. 31, 174 (2009).

Phase-field modeling of bimodal microstructures in nickel-based superalloys, 
G. Boussinot, A. Finel, and Y. Le Bouar,
Acta Materiali 57, 921 (2009)

Comparing electron tomography and HRTEM slicing methods as tools to measure the thickness of nanoparticles,
D. Alloyeau, C. Ricolleau, T. Oikawa, C. Langlois, Y. Le Bouar and A. Loiseau,
Ultramicroscopy 109, 788796 (2009)

Size and shape effects on the order-disorder phase transition in CoPt nanoparticles,             D. Alloyeau, C. Ricolleau, C. Mottet, T. Oikawa, C. Langlois, Y. Le Bouar and A. Loiseau,           Nature Materials 8, 940  (2009)

Nitrogen Configuration in Individual CNx-SWNTs Synthesized by Laser Vaporization Technique
H. Lin, R. Arenal, S. Enouz-Vedrenne, O. Stephan, and A. Loiseau
J. Phys. Chem C 113, 9509  (2009)

Substrate preparation techniques for direct investigation by TEM of single wall carbon nanotubes grown by chemical vapor deposition
M.-F. Fiawoo, A.-M. Bonnot, V. Jourdain, T. Michel, M. Picher, R. Arenal, J. Thibault-Pénisson and A. Loiseau
Surface Science 603, 1115 (2009)

Transmission electron microscopy and UV-vis-IR spectroscopy analysis of diameter sorting of carbon nanotubes by gradient density ultracentrifugation
R. Fleurier, J.S. Lauret, U. Lopez, and A. Loiseau
Adv. Funct. Mat. 19, 2219 (2009).

Sorting and transmission electron microscopy analysis of single or double wall carbon nanotubes
R. Fleurier, J.S. Lauret, E. Flahaut and A. Loiseau
Physica Status Solidi B246, 2675 (2009)

Electronic and optical properties of boron nitride nanostructures obtained by laser vaporization method
L.G. Bulusheva, Yu. V. Lavskaya, V. O. Koroteev, P. N. Gevko, A. V. Okotrub and A. Loiseau
J. of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics 4, 271 (2009)

A versatile strategy for the functionalization of boron nitride nanotubes
A. Maguer, E. Leroy, L. Bresson, E. Doris, A. Loiseau and C. Mioskovski
J. of Materials Chemistry 19, 1271 (2009)

Single-walled heteroatomic NTs of BN, CNx and NxCyNz,
R. Arenal et A. Loiseau
in  “Boron Nitride Nanotubes and related”, ed. by Y.K. Yap, Springer (Heidelberg), Chapter 3 (2009)

Tight-binding potential for atomistic simulations of carbon interacting with transition metals :  Application to the Ni-C system
H. Amara, J.-M. Roussel, C. Bichara, J.-P. Gaspard and F. Ducastelle,
Phys. Rev. B 79, 014109 (2009)

Early stages in the Nucleation Process of Carbon Nanotubes
M. Moors, H. Amara, T. Visart de Bocarmé, C. Bichara, F. Ducastelle, N. Kruse, and J.-C. Charlier,   
ACS Nano 3, 511 (2009)

Computational Studies of Metal-Carbon Nanotube Interfaces for regrowth and Electronic Transport
A. Börjesson, W. Zhu,  H. Amara, C. Bichara and K. Bolton,
NanoLett. 9, 1117 (2009)

Spin-Unrestricted Calculations of Bare-Edges nanographenes using DFT and Many-body perturbation theory
R. Pollet and H. Amara,
J. Chem. Theory Comput.  5, 1719 (2009)

Density Functionnal Theory and Tight-Binding-Based Dynamical Studies of Carbon-Metal Systems of  Relevance to Carbon Nanotube Growth.
K. Bolton, A. Börjesson, W. Zhu, H. Amara et C. Bichara,
Nano Res 2, 774 (2009)